Organizers and Contact

NETS Committee General Contact Email:

NETS Publication Committee Contact Email
(Questions related to technical submissions):

Honorary Chairs:

  • John Kelly (DOE-NE)
  • David Schurr (Planetary Science)
  • Scott Seymour (GenCorp)

General Chairs:

  • John Bess (INL) –
  • Pete Worden (NASA)
  • Alice Coponiti (DOE)

Technical Chairs:

  • Tony Kim (NASA) –
  • Wes Deason (CSNR/USRA) –

Publication Chairs:

  • Nathan Jarred (CSNR/USRA) –
  • Margaret Marshall (CSNR/USRA) –

International Chair:

  • Blair Bromley (AECL) –

Finance and Exhibits Chair:

  • Delisa Rogers (CSNR/USRA)

Communications Chair:

  • Chris Morrison (RPI)

Track Chairs:

  • Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Track Chair: Omar Mireles (NASA)
  • Radioisotope Power Systems Track Chair: Kelly Lively (INL)
  • Fission Power Systems Track Chair: Patrick McClure (LANL) –
  • Advanced Concepts Track Chair: John Scott (NASA)