Call for Papers is Open

NETS has an open call for Papers and Lightning Talks


Paper Templates have been posted below.


Traditional technical paper and podium presentation.

3-5 page technical paper

15 Minute presentation

Deadline Extended to November 12th

23:59 PDT (UTC-7) Last Paper Extension

Outstanding papers will be invited for a special journal issue

Paper Template

(thanks to Vishal Patel for the LateX template)

Lightning Talks

Summary talks to introduce interesting ideas and current progress.

1 paragraph summary abstract

5 minute presentation

Due December 3rd

23:59 PDT (UTC-7)

Limited number of slots

Q&A after all talks are finished

Paper Submission Is Now Live

Soliciting for Papers and Lightning Talks in the Following Categories

Track 1: Emerging Technologies in Space
– Data Analytics
– Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
– Additive Manufacturing
– New Launch Opportunities for Small Payloads
– CubeSat and SmallSat Exploration Vehicles and Mission Concepts
– Constellations and Distributed Systems
– In-Situ Resource Utilization
Track 2: Mission Concepts and Logistics
– Spacecraft Concepts and Designs
– Launch Opportunities and Logistics
– Future Mission Concepts and Tech Development Needs
– Infrastructure and Capabilities
– Lessons Learned
Track 3: Space Nuclear Policy
– Commercial Use of Space Nuclear Systems
– Legal, Regulatory, and Political Environments
– Public-Private Partnerships
– International and Public Considerations
Track 4: Space Reactors
– Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
– Mars and Lunar Power
– Space Vehicle Power
– Fuel Production and Processing
– High-Temperature Materials and Alloys
– Systems Design and Testing
– Modeling and Simulation
– Fusion
Track 5: Radioisotope Power Systems
– Isotope Production and Processing
– Component and System Testing
– R&D Using Surrogate Materials
– Advanced Design Concepts and Development
– High-Temperature Materials
– Radiation Tolerance and Materials Testing
Track 6: Energy Conversion Technology and Development
– Radiation Effects and Impacts
– Thermal Management
– Power Management and Distribution
– Radiator Concepts, Design, and Testing
– Static Conversion Devices
– Dynamic Conversion Devices
– Advanced Energy Conversion Materials