Visit the Student Social page to find out information on the student social!


We want to encourage students to attend the NETS conference. It is a great place to network the space nuclear community and learn about opportunities.

A cost defrayment of up to $600 will be made available to students based on availability of funds. The extent of the availability of funds won’t be known until after the conference so there is no guarantee of travel funding, but traditionally there has been funding available for students.

For those interested in student travel assistance, please complete the online form at this page after the conference:

Roommate Aid

Use this Google Doc to help you find a roommate at NETS-2019:

Disclaimer: NETS-2019 is not responsible for finding you a roommate for the conference. The above Google Doc is only posted only as an aid. If you are not comfortable with publicly posting your email address, please do not post your information to the Google Doc. Thanks!