Address for PNNL Discovery Hall

650 Horn Rapids Rd. Richland WA 99354

Transportation to Richland, Washington

Flights in and out of Richland, Washington can be conducted through the Tri-Cities Airport (PSC). It is also possible to fly into Seattle, Portland, or Spokane airports and drive using a rental car (~3-4 hour drive).

Transportation within Richland, Washington

Hotels may offer a shuttle service to and from the airport. Please confirm with your hotel if this service is offered.

Rental cars are available for rent at the Tri-Cities Airport.

Several taxi and rideshare services are available in the area, including:

City Cab – (+1) 509-318-5181
On Time Taxi – (+1) 509-460-6850
Rad Cab – (+1) 509-585-2944
Taxi 1 – (+1) 509-547-7877
Uber –
Lyft –

Cost for a taxi or rideshare service from downtown Richland to the PNNL Discovery Hall is ~$20.

A shuttle service to and from the conference venue ( PNNL Discovery Hall)  will not be provided. Conference registrants are responsible for arranging their own transportation.


Map of the Richland, Washinton area. Click to expand image.