Organizing Committee

General Chair:  Steven Clement (LANL)

Assistant General Chair:  Ron Fraass (retired)

Logistics and Registration Co-Chairs:  Matthew Griffin (LANL) and Valerie Lawdensky (UNLV)

Finance Chair:  Patrick McDaniel (U. New Mexico)

Technical Program Co-Chairs:  Jorge Navarro (ORNL) and Leonard Dudzinski (NASA)

Sponsorship Chair:  Markku Koskelo (Aquila)

Assistant Sponsorship Chair:  Chris Robinson (Y-12)

Publications and Website Chair:  Bill Flor (LANL)

International Outreach Chair:  Susan Voss (INL)

Student Program Chair:  Monia Kazemeini (UNLV)

Student Technical Assistant:  Valerie Lawdensky (UNLV)

Media Chair:  Tracy Bower (NSTec Public Affairs)


Fuels and Materials Track Chair:  Robert Wham (ORNL)

Surface and Space Fission Power Track Chair:  Patrick McClure (LANL)

Nuclear Propulsion Track Chair:  Michael Houts (NASA MSFC)

Radioisotope Power Systems Track Chair:  Steve Johnson (INL)

Nuclear Missions and Nuclear Mission Support Track Chair:  Peter McCallum (NASA GRC)