Abstract and Full Paper Submission

Instructions for Full Paper Submission

1. Format your full paper according to the full paper template found below. Please keep the full paper’s length 8-10 pages.

2. Email your full paper in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) format to netsconfsubmissions@gmail.com by January 8, 2016. Please include your associated abstract number in the subject of the email. Your associated abstract number can be found in the Abstract Update Portal next to the title of your abstract.

**Please Note**: An earlier version of the full paper template included an instruction to submit the paper in PDF format. Please disregard this prior instruction and refer to the updated template found on the official NETS conference website. The publications chairs prefer Microsoft Word format over PDF format for easier production of the final conference proceedings.

3. Wait to hear back from your Technical Session Chair by February 12, 2016 about any required paper corrections.


Check Out the Call for Papers Here:

Call for Papers

Important Dates

Conference Dates: February 22-25, 2016
Abstract Submissions and Full Paper Intents Due [EXTENDED]: November 30, 2015
Abstract Reviewer Response to Submitters: December 4, 2015
Corrected Abstracts Due: [EXTENDED]: January 1, 2016
Full Paper Submissions (optional): January 8, 2016
Full Paper Reviewer Response to Submitters: February 12, 2016
Corrected Full Papers Due: February 25, 2015 (Last Day of Conference)